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We have a range of Ribbons from manufacturers such as Berisfords, Bertie's Bows & May Arts, alongside this we hold Gutermann Sewing Threads, Dress It Up Buttons & Embellishments, Cross-Stitch Craft kits from Mouseloft as well as a range of Sewing Accessories and Fabrics for your crafting needs.. 

If you like what you see and fancy following the journey, then be sure to head over to our facebook & Instagram pages and give us a follow to keep in touch. We aren't just about selling, we are also about the art of craft too and in time we hope to bring you some of our creations, alongside others ideas and methods. Until then why not be apart of it all and share your ideas with us! If you've used any of the products we have available to create or decorate then tag us in your images, we'd love to see them. If you're a small business and you use any of our products in what you do, then send us the images of your pieces that use our items and we'll share these along with your business details. Lets spread the joy of crafting & small business together.
Sewing Threads
Same Day Dispatch on selected orders received before 2pm Mon-Fri.

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