Simple gift wrapping ideas for Father's Day

Simple gift wrapping ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day falls on the third Sunday in June 

This year (2024), Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday 16th June

Father's Day is a great opportunity to honour the Dad's and Father figures in our lives. 
Whether you've bought him a new tie, some cuff-links, aftershave or a bottle of his favourite tipple, we have put together a couple of easy gift wrapping ideas, to make the day a little extra special. 

Once you've found the perfect gift, the next challenge is wrapping it in a way that he'll love. Not all dads love floral or heart ribbon, but we have found a few options in our collection that he may find more appealing. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Father's Day

Berisfords 15mm Tape Measure Ribbon, is styled to look like a tailors tape measure, however paired with some simple brown craft paper, it could also look like a builders tape measure. 

In the picture below, I have simply wrapped the Metric version (centimetres), of this ribbon around the box and finished with simple bowknot. 

If your dad is a budding DIYer, then you could also add a washer or screws to the decoration. 

In the picture below, I have used the Imperial version (inches), of this ribbon to make a simple bow to go on top. 
(Instructions on how to make this can be found below). 

If your dad is a cycling fanatic, then you could use Bertie's Bows 16mm Ivory Bicycle Grosgrain Ribbon instead. 

In the picture below, I used the same technique to create the bow shown. (Instructions on how to make this can be found below). 
On this occasion I used a longer piece of ribbon to give a fuller effect on the bow. 

How about this idea, as an alternative to using ribbon?
In the picture below, I have decorated the box with off-cuts of craft paper, and then stuck 15mm Round Ring Edged Buttons down the centre to make the present look like a little shirt. 

This would also work with colourful wrapping paper, decorated with different types of buttons. 
Browse our range of Loose Buttons here or our packs of Dress It Up Buttons here. 

How to create a simple bow

There are lots of ways to create bows using ribbon, but this simple technique is uncomplicated while remaining effective. 

First things first; browse our range of Ribbons to find the perfect option for your gift wrapping.
In the example shown, I used 15mm/16mm width ribbon. 

Measure out 1 metre of ribbon
Our ribbons are sold as a Cut Length (priced per metre), so if you order 1 metre then this bit will be done for you. 

Loosely wind the ribbon around your hand. 
I wrapped it around the flat of my hand, by my knuckles.

Carefully remove the ribbon from your hand and pinch all the pieces together at the centre.

Place a pin through the centre of all layers of ribbon.
I then stuck the pin through a small pin cushion to hold it in place. 

Gently fan the layers out, making sure they are evenly spread. 

To finish, stitch through all the layers with a small amount of thread, to hold it in place. 

Attach the finished bow to your gift, et voila! 

Products used in this post

Berisfords - 15mm Tape Measure Ribbon
BFD-14421 - Metric (Centimetres)
BFD-14116 - Imperial (Inches)

Bertie's Bows - 16mm Ivory Bicycle Grosgrain Ribbon
BTB-200 - Ivory Bicycle on Dark Brown Ribbon

Jones Buttons - 15mm Round Ring Edged 2 Hole Buttons
BTN-P600-24-J01-BLK - 15mm Black

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