Gutermann Deco Stitch 70 - 70m

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The Deco-Stitch 70 Thickness thread is a uniformly circular, high quality 3 Ply sewing thread that allows you to create ornamental stitches & backstitch seams with and exceptional touch of beauty & professionalism. The thickness makes this thread especially ideal for the stitch density of ornamental stitches on household sewing machine. Whether you're working on clothing or accessories, this marvellous thread guarantees an impressive 3d look to your seams.

Available in both classic solid colours as well as a number of multicolour shades to provide freshness and exciting effects to your works. This 100% polyester thread is suitable for light to medium weight clothing & decorative fabrics along with leather (synthetic and real), felt & similar materials.

This thread has a needle recommendation of Overlock Needle NM 90-100.

The thickness of this thread is measured at No./Tkt. 70 - dtex 400(3)

Suitable for normal wash upto 95°C , Hot Ironing, Tumble Drying & Dry Cleaning.