Gutermann Denim Thread

The Gutermann Denim thread lets everyone be as stylish and creative as the professionals. Create professionally robust stitching and decorative seams with ease, make your typical jeans cuts and trendy fashion effects all with the Denim range.

A strong thread that is easy to use and secure, with low thread tension. Thanks to its high resistance to scrubbing & colour fastness, it is Ideal for making your own fashion highlights and not just on jeans! Use the strong Denim thread for bags, clothing and other creations when sewing several layers of fabric or stitching seams together.

Can be used as a needle or bobbin thread.

The size of this thread is No. 50 - dtex 600(2)
Recommended needle size: Universal NM 90-110 View our Range of Machine Needles here.

Made with 100% Polyester and suitable for wash up to 95°C, tumble drying, dry cleaning and hot ironing.

All Denim Threads will be subject to our Parcel Postage options. 

Also shown in this category is the Gutermann Jeans Thread 100m.
A Bi-colour 70% polyester/30% cotton mix thread specifically designed to be the perfect match for darning jeans, either by hand or machine.
The thickness of this thread is No./Tkt. 75 - Dtex 430(2) and comes with a recommended needle of NM Universal Needle 80-100.
Suitable for normal washing up to 95°C, Hot Ironing, Tumble drying & Dry cleaning.
This thread is not subject to our Parcel Postage options. 

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