Gutermann Sulky Cotton Thread

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The Gutermann Cotton 12 & 30 threads are a 100% Cotton thread that is ideal for Sewing, Embroidery & Machine Quilting. The softness of the natural thread allows for a smooth and even seam, whilst embroidered motifs get an exceptionally beautiful wool character.

​​​​​​Both ranges consist of a large selection of single colour & variegated shade threads, given the user a highly varied choice to meet any project requirements.

Gutermann Sulky Cotton 12 Thickness is dtex 660(2) - Ne 18/2 and availabe in 200m spools - Recommended Needle of Universal Needle NM 100 - 110

Gutermann Sulky Cotton 30 Thickness is dtex 400(2) - Ne 30/2 and available in 300m spools - Recommended Needle of Universal Needle NM 80 - 90

See our Machine Needles category for a selection of suitable needles from Prym & Hemline.

Suitable for normal wash upto 95°C , Hot Ironing, Tumble Drying & Dry Cleaning.

Due to the size of the spools, all items in this category will follow our Parcel Postage options.