Gutermann Sulky Rayon 40

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Gutermann Sulky Rayon 40 Machine Embroidery Thread. This high-quality viscose embroidery thread from Gutermann creativ is suitable for all embroidery motifs and stands out because of its special glamour and brilliant colours.

- Universal machine embroidery thread for all embroidery motifs.
- For fine ornamental stitches and decorative machine quilting
- Brilliant colours with silk-like gloss.
- Recommended needle & needle size:- Machine embroidery Needle NM 70-90

100% Viscose material.

The Sulky Rayon 40 range is a lightweight but strong, beautiful silk like rayon thread with a vast range of colour options. Ideal applications include, decorative machine embroidery. 

Why use Sulky Rayon thread over others? 
Provides a higher quality sheen while being softer and less likely to cause puckering.

The Rayon 40 range is measured at No./Tkt. 110 - dtex 268(2)

Suitable for washing upto 95
°C ​​​​​, moderate tumble drying, dry cleaning & moderately hot ironing.

This item is also available in larger reel lengths and other colour options as a special order. Contact us for more details.