Gutermann Sulky Rayon 40 Embroidery Thread 200m

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Gutermann Sulky Rayon 40 Machine Embroidery Thread. This high-quality viscose embroidery thread from Gutermann creativ is suitable for all embroidery motifs and stands out because of its special glamour and brilliant colours.

- Universal machine embroidery thread for all embroidery motifs.
- For fine ornamental stitches and decorative machine quilting
- Brilliant colours with silk-like gloss.
- Recommended needle & needle size:- Machine embroidery Needle NM 70-90

100% Viscose material.

Above details from the Gutermann Website.

The Sulky Rayon 40 range is a lightweight but strong, beautiful silk like rayon thread with a vast range of colour options. Ideal applications include, decorative machine embroidery. 

Why use Sulky Rayon thread over others? 

Provides a higher quality sheen while being softer and less likely to cause puckering.

More colours coming soon but if you are after specific colours let us know the colour No. and we'll do our best to get this in for you. 

As we go about increasing our Gutermann range, if you use any of the Gutermann products do let us know which ones you use and we'll be sure to increase our range with the products requested.