Material Choice Guide

Not everyone is the same and neither are your needs so why settle for the same materials for your items. With us we offer 8 material choices as a standard on the majority of our Wooden Craft Shapes to give you those all important options.

3mm Standard Birch Ply - Light Coloured Grain, Great to be left Natural as well as Decorated. All rounder. May contain Knots, Blemishes, Plugs. Lightly Sanded before dispatch.  Sustainable sourced material from Russia governed by the Forestry Stewardship Council Scheme.

3.2mm MDF - Darker Colour, No Grain, Ideal for decoration. Do not sand/rub down this material. Made in Ireland.

0.8mm, 1.5mm & 3mm Finnish Birch Ply - A premium quality plywood sustainably sourced from Finland and governed by the Foresty Stewardship Council Scheme. A slightly darker colour to that of the Standard Birch Ply with a more defined grain. Higher quality and smooth feel ideal to be left Natural to get that great wooden look but can also be decorated. Ideal to be engraved providing  stunning colour contrast. Three width options with the thinner widths being best for decorating cards and other items by being fixed in place. May contain Knots and blemishes.

3mm Mosa Bamboo - A very light coloured material sustainably sourced from Eastern China and governed by the Forestry Stewardship Council Scheme. A more prominent tighter grained material that is ideal to be used to show it's natural look. 

3mm Caramel Mosa Bamboo - As the name suggests this darker caramel coloured variety of the Mosa Bamboo provides a wonderful darker colouring with a highly prominent grain. Best left natural rather than decorated

4mm Oak Veneered MDF - A dark colour prominent grained material that provides a great natural look. Ideal to be left natural and wonderful to be used engraved. As this is a veneer and not  a laminate the grain may differ and may contain knots or blemishes.

All the above materials are our standard kept stock with all specifically aimed at indoor use. Should you require alternative materials we can obtain plywoods that are designed for outdoor use as well as other materials such as Cork, Leather, Perspex and other plastics. A few examples of these can be seen on our Bespoke/Custom Service page.