Minions of Craft Club Details & Information.

Welcome to the MoC Club page, here we'll go through a list of possible questions and details surrounding the MoC Club along with some Terms & Conditions surrounding some of its benefits.

What is the MoC Club
The MoC Club is a membership scheme linked to our store which provides the member with a discount when purchasing from us.

Who can join?
Anyone that lives in a country we deliver to and has an email address can join our club.

Do I have to pay to join?
We offer both a free to join membership and a paid for option.

Hobbyist & Enthusiast, What is the difference?
These are our two membership levels with the Hobbyist Tier being our free to join membership & the Enthusiast our paid to join membership tier. Each tier has it's own selection of benefits which we've highlighted below.

Hobbyist Tier - Receive 5% off all products with membership being a single sign up. Free to join and no annual subscription, once you're signed up you're a member for the life of the club.

Enthusiast Tier - Receive 12.5% off all products for the duration of your membership. Be automatically entered into a monthly giveaway with the winner(s) receiving a £10 credit direct to their account. Also receive exclusive early access to some product launches. Refer a friend to join the club and both receive £5 credit on your account. A single membership fee of £15 will be charged when you apply and will provide membership for 1 year. Once you reach the end of your membership you will be asked if you wish to subscribe for a further year or drop down to our Hobbyist tier.

How do I join?
You can join either membership level from HERE. Once you've decided whether you want to join as a Hobbyist or Enthusiast, simply select the membership option and enter your email address for the account In the text box provided. Please ensure the email address is complete, any part complete email addresses will result in a cancelled application. If you're signing up for Enthusiast membership you can also provide the email address in the 2nd text box if you've been referred to the club by an active member.
You're now ready to add the membership to your basket. Please be aware, memberships must be purchased separately to products! including both products and memberships will prevent you from going through and completing your order. Now you've added your membership to your basket you are ready to checkout as usual, although no delivery will be made we do still require all your address details in order to process the application. 

Now you've completed your order, we'll start to work on activating your account but please be patient as this is a manual process and although sometimes we may be quick we do ask that you please allow up to 2 working days to complete your application. Our working days are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm excluding Bank Holidays.

If you've have an account with us then we'll let you know once your membership has gone live. If you haven't you'll receive an email requesting you to finish setting up your account by creating a password in addition to our account active email. Once you've created your password and setup your account, you'll be enrolled with the membership you've chosen.

How do I get the Discount?
The discount is automatically applied to your account, simply sign in and the prices on our site will all show correct to your discount level. If you're unsure, once you go through to checkout you'll see that a Trade Discount has been applied and you'll be told how much you've saved on your order.

I've signed up for the Enthusiast Tier, when are the prize draws?
We'll be running the monthly prize draws in the first week of every month, with the winner(s) chosen at random from all entries. The first draw members will be entered in is the following month from the signup date, eg. sign up anytime in May, your first draw will be June. We'll let the winner(s) know via email after the draw has taken place and the credit will be applied to the account within 2 working days.

If I join will I be bombarded with emails?
The simple answer is NO! By joining as a member you are not automatically added to our monthly newsletter. For those on the Hobbyist tier, you'll receive your order confirmation email, account setup email (if you don't have an account yet) and a confirmation of your membership email. After this all Hobbyist tier members wont receive any further club emails unless there is a change to the membership or special offers being run. Our Enthusiast tier members will also receive the same 3 emails as the hobbyist tier members and from then on we'll only email you if you're a winner in our Monthly Giveaway, for any Exclusive product launches, any special offers and lastly 2 further emails in the final month of your membership.
If you do not wish to receive any special offer emails, please let us know and we'll be sure to remove you from the list.
As an Enthusiast tier member, if you do not wish to receive any of the Monthly Giveaway or Exclusive product launch emails, do let us know and we'll remove you from the list. Should you request to be removed, this will remove your entry into the Giveaway and mean you don't have access to any of the product launches, you can of course change your mind at any point during your membership.

I hope you've found this above information helpful, if you do have any questions about the club that we've not answered above or in the below Terms & Conditions, please contact and we'll be sure to answer as best we can.

Minions of Craft Club Terms & Conditions.
The Minions of Craft club is run solely by Minions of Craft and is subject to change at any time. In the event of any changes/amendments/alterations to the club, all members will be informed of any changes via email.

2.0 The club & it's membership programs may be terminated at any time. In the event of termination all affected members will be informed via email.
2.1 Paid for memberships may receive a partial refund on their membership fee if termination of the club is made within the first 6 months of the membership. No refunds will be provided for memberships if termination has occurred after the first 6 months of membership. The first 6 months are determined from the date of account activation or account re-activation if the member has re-joined subsequently after the 1st year of being a member.

3.0 All members have a right to cancel their membership within the following periods.
3.1 Free to join members may cancel their membership at any time by emailing or Accounts will be cancelled within 2 working days from the date requested.
3.2 Paid for memberships have a cooling off period of 30 days from the date of sign up. During this 30 days, cancellation of membership may be requested by emailing or A refund of the full membership fee will be provided less that of any club member discount received on orders during the 30 day period. If in the event the discount received during the 30 days is over that of the membership fee value, the account will be cancelled without any refund. Cancellations will be processed within 2 working days and any subsequent refund will be received within 72hrs of the cancellation.
3.3 Any subsequent request to cancel a paid for membership after the 30 day cooling off period will forfeit the original membership fee. 

4.0 By joining the Minions of Craft Club you agree to being contacted via email for any club related information & benefits.
4.1 Requests to not be contacted via email for club related information & benefits, will result in certain benefits being unavailable to you (the club member) for the duration of your membership.

5.0 Enthusiast tier members will be automatically entered into a Monthly Giveaway. Entry is only open to Enthusiast tier members and no purchase is necessary for entry. The first draw will take place in June 2021, all subsequent draws will take place monthly.
5.1 The Draw winner(s) will be selected at random by third party software. Requests to see a recording of the draw can be made to up to 1 month after the draw.
5.2 Unless otherwise stated as a special draw, prize(s) will be in the form of a £10 credit applied to the winner(s) account. This will be provided within 2 working days of the draw taking place.
5.2.1 Unless otherwise stated as a special draw, a single £10 credit prize will be available between all entrants where by the total number of entrants is between 0-19. Additional £10 credit prizes will be added to the draw for every additional 10 entrants. An example of prize availability has been provided below.
1-19 Entrants - 1 x £10 credit prize
20-29 Entrants - 2 x £10 credit prize
30-39 Entrants - 3 x £10 credit prize
The number of £10 credit prizes available is only capped by the number of members that are eligible to take part within the monthly prize draws.
5.2.2  Unless otherwise stated as a special draw the winner(s) will receive a single £10 credit prize. An example of the total number of possible winners has been provided below.
1-19 Entrants - Single Winner
20-29 Entrants - Two Winners
30-39 Entrants - Three Winners
The number of winners is only capped by the number of members that are eligible to take part within the monthly prize draws.
5.3 Draws will take place monthly during the first week of the month and winner(s) notified via email within 2 working days of the draw.
5.4 All Enthusiast tier members will be eligible to take part in the Monthly draw the following month from the date of sign up. Entry will be provided automatic to all eligible members unless otherwise requested not too. The first monthly draw will take place in June 2021.
5.4.1 Members whose membership expires that month will not be eligible to take part in that months draw.
5.4.2 Eligible members may request not be included within a specific draw or all draws by contacting Members that have requested not to be included, may re-join the draws at any time during the remainder of their membership by contact

6.0 Enthusiast tier members will receive occasional emails regarding Member only early bird access to product launches.
6.1 Early bird access product launches are not guaranteed to occur during a membership and will be provided at the sole discretion of Minions of Craft.
6.2 Early bird access product launches will have a time limit before they are available to all Hobbyist & non member customers.
6.3 Stock availability will not be guaranteed on early bird access product launches but in the event adequate stock is not available, enthusiast club members that have previously expressed interest will have any future stock placed on reserve before general release is provided.
6.4 Enthusiast tier members may request to be removed from all future early bird product launches by contact In the event any removed member wishes to re join, this can be done at any time during their membership by contact

7.0 Discounts will apply from the date of activation
7.1 Orders made prior to membership activation will not be included within an discount level
7.2 For Discounts to apply, the member must be signed into their activated account when ordering. Any orders made when not signed in will have any discount applied to them.
7.3 Discounts must be included when the order is being placed, these can not be retrospectively added to any order.
7.4 Discounts will only be available on any in stock products & website shown pre-order items. Special order items are not included within the discount.
7.5 Discounts may not be used against any membership subscription

8.0 When referring a friend the referring account must be an active Enthusiast tier member in order for the reward to be provided
8.0.1 The referred account must be of a new sign up member to the Enthusiast tier.
8.1 Referral can only take place at the time of signup and the correct email addresses must be provided before completion. Failure to provide the correct details at the time of signup will result in no referral being accepted against a new account.
8.2 A reward of £5 credit will be applied to both the Referrer & Referred accounts within 2 working days of signup assuming the above conditions have been met.
8.3 In the event of a cancelled membership for either the Referrer or Referred accounts, the provided credit will be removed from the accounts and any used credit for either account will be deducted from any refund provided to the cancelled account if a refund is due.