Prym Linen & Waxed Thread

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Our selection of Prym Waxed and Linen threads.

Linen thread is a particularly strong break resistant thread made by twisting the strands to create an incredible stable sewing thread. Due to its strength, it is an ideal option for decorative seams as well as sewing on work wear buttons. Available in 5 colours options with each pack containing two thread stairs holding 20m of thread each. Washable upto 40 degrees

Waxed Thread is a strong thread making it particularly suitable for strong seams on bags as well as espadrilles & the sewing on tuck lucks. It's surface is sealed with wax to prevent it becoming rough and increasing it's break resistance whilst allowing it to slide easily through material. The thread is made from a Polyester & Wax mix with each pack containing a single 20m coil.