Referrals & Reward Points

Did you know you can earn reward points with us?

The more you earn, the more you save. Find out how here.

Refer A Friend & Both Save!

If you've got a friend that loves to craft, let them know about our store and both of you can save. Once you've placed your own order online, you'll be given the option to share our store with friends & family through both social media & email. Anyone you've sent that link too will now be able to receive 10% discount on their first purchase with us & you'll receive reward points too. To ensure both receive rewards see our basic checklist below. For Full Terms & Conditions see the bottom of this page.

      • You must be a registered customer in order to refer a friend
      • The referred customer must be a new customer to us and will need to register with us before/during ordering
      • The referred customer must order within 30 days from the date of original referral
      • A minimum £5 spend is required for both to receive rewards
      • Only the first order will receive discounts & provide rewards
      • 1 reward point will be awarded to the referring customer for every £1 spent by the referred customer on their first qualifying order
      • Both customers must accept the use of cookies to be run with their browsers for discounts & rewards to be awarded

Customers using VPN's, cookie blockers & similar software may not be eligible for rewards

Enthusiast Member Referrals get £5 each!

If you're an Enthusiast level MoC Club member then you can save even more by referring a friend to join the Enthusiast club. When they sign up to join the Enthusiast club, all they need to do is provide your email address in the text box provided during sign up and you'll both be rewarded £5 in points.

Enthusiast Member Monthly Draw  

Enthusiast level club members all get entered into a monthly draw to win £10 worth of points! Once you're a member, you'll be entered into the following months draw along with every following month after for as long as you are an Enthusiast member. Every month we give away at least one £10 credit to a lucky member. For your chance to win, simply join the Enthusiast level membership of the MoC Club and you'll have a chance to win too.

Reward Points FAQ's

  • Do I have to be a club member to get reward points?
    No, you just need to be registered on our store so you have an account with us. You may still want to join as a club member to get more savings but you don't have to.

  • How much are reward points worth?
    Each point is worth £0.10. So if you're one of our lucky Monthly draw winners, you'll be credited with 100 points (£10) to spend on any future orders.

  • How many reward points do I need before I can spend them?
    Just 1 single point is all that is required. We don't put high restrictions on rewards, you've earnt them so you can spend them.

  • Do I need to spend all my points in one go?
    No, you can spend as little or as many as you like against any future order, just select the amount you'd like to use during checkout.

  • How can I see the amount of points I have?
    Go to your account page and your reward points total can be found there.

  • How long do reward points last?
    Reward points aren't going to expire, feel free to use them or save them up however you like.

Referral & Reward Point Terms & Conditions.

The below details outline the terms & conditions surrounding the receiving & use of Reward points along with the requirements for referrals to earn points & discounts. Failure to meet the below terms & conditions may result in reward points being withheld. The below terms & conditions are to be taken along with the terms & conditions of the MoC Club membership & the general terms & conditions of the Minions of Craft store.

      1. For customers to refer a friend and earn rewards they must be a registered member of the Minions of Craft store.
      2. The referred customer must be a new customer to Minions of Craft and will be required to register as a member on the Minions of Craft store.
      3. The referred & referring customers must accept the use of Cookies in order for both the referrer & referred customer to receive the benefits of this promotion. The use of a 30 day tracking cookie will be added to the device of any referred customer in order to track the use of the referral link and provide any discounts & rewards. The removal of this cookie prior to ordering or the blocking of this cookie during ordering, will result on a failed use of this promotion and no discounts or rewards being awarded. In the event a qualifying order is placed before the 30 day cookie life, the cookie will be removed automatically.
      4. The referred customer will receive 10% off their first qualifying order which must be £5 or more. This will apply to their first purchase only.
      5. The referred customer must place their qualifying first purchase order within 30 days of the referral for both customers to receive the benefits of this promotion.
      6. The referrer will receive 1 point for every £1 spent by the referred customer on any qualifying first purchase only. 
      7. In the event the referred customer opts to cancel/return their order, any awarded points will be removed from the referring customers account.
      8. The Refer a Friend promotion will have the discount for the referred customer & points for the referring customer applied automatically on qualifying orders. In the event no discount or points have been applied, the order will have been deemed non qualifying and no manual addition of discount or points will be applied to either accounts. 
      9. For Enthusiast member referral. When referring a friend the referring account must be an active Enthusiast tier member in order for the reward to be provided
      10. For Enthusiast member referral. The referred account must be of a new sign up member to the Enthusiast tier and not a renewal or re-joining of a previous member.
      11. For Enthusiast member referral. The referral can only take place at the time of signup and the correct email address must be provided before completion. Failure to provide the correct details at the time of signup will result in no referral being accepted against a new account.
      12. For Enthusiast member referral. Reward points to the equivalent value of £5 will be manually applied to both the referrer & referred members accounts within 2 working days of signup, assuming the above conditions have been met.
      13. For Enthusiast member referral. In the event of a cancelled (early termination) membership for either the referral or referred accounts, the provided points will be removed from both accounts and any used points will be deducted from any refund provided to the cancelled account, assuming a refund is due.
      14. Reward points will have no monetary value beyond that of the use against future orders made on the Minions of Craft store.
      15. Reward points will offer the equivalent of £0.10 per point in value against future orders made on the Minions of Craft store.
      16. Reward points will not be subject to any refund in the event orders in which they are used are cancelled or returned.
      17. Reward points are rewarded at the sole discretion of the Minions of Craft Store and its controlling members.
      18. Reward points may at any time be terminated for use on the Minions of Craft store at the sole discretion of its controlling members and without any prior warning.