Schmetz Gold Embroidery Needle in 2 Sizes - Pack of 5

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Schmetz Gold Embroidery Needles, suitable for beginners and sensitive embroidery. Available in Sizes 75 or 90. Sold as a Pack of 5 Gold Needles

Schmetz Gold Embroidery Needles are particularly suitable for beginners, as minor operator errors are compensated by the extremely hard coating. 

Available in Sizes 75 or 90. 
Each pack contains 5 neeedles. 

Needle System: 130/705 H-ET

What the manufacturer says;
With its extraordinary characteristics, this innovative needle from SCHMETZ is suitable for use in sensitive embroidery. Even large embroidery motifs with tens of thousands of stitches can be created without changing the needle. You achieve a uniform stitch pattern from the first to the last stitch.

The Gold Embroidery Needles can be used in all conventional household sewing machines, in particular for sewing machines with special embroidery programs.

The needle enables even thicker threads to be fed in easily, and the eye design reduces yarn abrasion. 
This needle is also suitable for metallic yarns, with a more rounded cross-section. Use this needle for embroidery with a higher stitch number. 

Each needle can be easily identified by its gold-coloured surface. 

Please be aware, needles are sharp and can also present a choking risk. Do not leave within reach of children and always supervise any minor using a sewing machine. Handle this item with care. 

How we package this item.
This product comes as per the manufacturers packaging and will be placed within an appropriate box or envelope.

Due to differences in screens/monitors and other factors the colours seen may vary to that of the actual product. For more information click on our "Details/Q&A" section next to the home button. 


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Range Embroidery
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Needle Size 75
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Brand Schmetz
Product Code SCH-0708082-75
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