Special Orders

With the world of craft being so amazingly vast, it is going to be difficult to have everything that anyone could want kept in stock. So rather than just revert to the ways of some bigger stores and say "we don't do it", we're keen to help you out wherever we can, and get you those goodies you are after. Yes we take the following phrase seriously!

Just because we haven't got it, doesn't mean we can't get it!

So if you are after a crafting product you've perhaps seen somewhere else? or you're looking for some different ribbon? or some alternative sewing items? don't worry about searching high and low, just message us and tell us what you are after. The same goes for ordering full reels of our stocked ribbons, we're happy to help where we can and even to the point that most full reels we'll offer are at an even cheaper per metre value. For some of our most popular to order full reels check out our special order full roll ribbon page for an easy way to special order these rolls.

We can't promise we can get it but we'll certainly take a look for you and can let you know all we find out. 

We've been fortunate enough to have helped a number of Schools, Companies, Homemade crafters and brides to be, to find the bits and pieces they've been looking for. All they have done is message us via facebook or email and told us what they are looking for and we've gone searching. Some of the most popular requests are the ribbons we've already got available but being sold by the reel, in fact most of our ribbons will tell you we can get them by the reel and some even in other ribbon widths. 

What do you need to do to special order?

If you want to enquire about a special order simply let us know what it is you are after via any of our contact us methods. Try to be as specific as possible to allow for us to get the most appropriate information for you. We'll pick up any messages between Mon-Fri 8am-4pm and will typically respond within 24 hrs. You are under no obligation to order, and we can provide all details at the time on how to move forward with things.

What sort of products can I order?

Being a crafts company we do have to keep it to the crafting world but other than that we're happy to look for all sorts for you. Be it paper crafts, jewellery, knitting, quilting, felt, we're happy to look for you.

What companies can you get products from?

We use a number of suppliers who equally carry a number of different manufactures so we do have a pretty large array of companies. Just to give you an idea we've listed a handful of those companies below, we can't say we can get everything the companies do but we can always try! You never know, even if you can get it somewhere else, we may be cheaper! After all, there is no harm in asking. One thing we certainly don't do is add a premium to any special orders, if we find an item we'll sell it as a special order the same price as if we were selling it from stock. 

Thanks for reading, see our contact us section to message any requests.

Additional Terms & Conditions for Special Orders.

All prices quoted will be inclusive of VAT. A breakdown of all charges will be provided after an order is placed.