Gutermann Top Stitch

Top stitch thread thread is the ideal stronger thread over that of a standard polyester thread such as Sew All. Available in similar colours to that of the Sew All range.

Great to be used for Ornamental stitches & manually stitched eye buttonholes, along with Back-stitch & decorative seams. Provides a silk like gloss look while being soft to touch and supple to use. Suitable to be used in places that require a stronger thread that has Tear & Abrasion resistant qualities.

All Colour groups are a rough guide in colour and open to opinion.

The Top stitch 100% polyester thread has a thickness rating of No./Tkt. 30 - dtex 1000(3).
Universal Needle size recommendation of NM 100-120. 

Suitable for washing up to 95°C, tumble drying, dry cleaning & hot ironing.

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